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A 24-hour hackathon challenge encouraging collaboration among Multimedia and Graphic Design participants from various backgrounds.
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TecHack is a 24-hour hackathon challenge that emphasizes on idea-pitching and the realization of innovative solutions. This event aims to encourage collaboration. It does not matter how good your technical skills are, whatever your major is, or whether you've taken part in any hackathons before - this is an opportunity FOR YOU to get creative, make new skills and connections - to do something AWESOME!

This event will take place in the premises of The One Academy Bandar Sunway.


Grand – RM1800 in cash and a RICOH 360 Camera

First Runner Up – RM1200 in cash and Starter Kit for Cytron Uno

Second Runner Up – RM800 in cash

Consolation Prize x 4 – RM300 in cash


You may attempt one of the 3 themes below:

1) Entertainment

2) E-Commerce

3) Education

Who can participate?

All POLYCON participants may join us upon sign up of any of the packages available.

I’m interested! How do I start?

Step 1: Formation of team

You are required to form a team of 5 members. It must be a mixture of people from both Multimedia and Advertising schools. Preferably, form a team with members who can bring in different skill sets and expertise so that you can see the challenge in various point of views.

After you have gathered your team, appoint a team leader. He or she will be the contact person with the organizers as communication will be with them most of the time.

Step 2: Signing up

Head over to to fill up the form with all the necessary information of your group. You should be receiving a confirmation e-mail of your group formation from the organizers very soon. Information about the TecHack will be dispensed via the e-mail too.

Step 3: Game day

The hackathon will begin at 1pm, Friday, 11 November 2016 at Theatre Hall (Block R). After the competition brief, for the next 24-hours, you will be released to brainstorm on your innovative and creative ideas. You must attempt to demo your ideas using a prototype tool (online tools can be used too).

Step 4: The pitch

After 24-hours, it will now be your turn to present what you have to a panel of judges which comprise of speakers from ArtFest, DIGI Communcations Bhd and members from TOA. You have 5 minutes to impress the judges with your ideas and demonstrations.

This pitch presentation will be at the same location as the briefing.


Must all my members be POLYCON participants?


I want to join. But I cannot form a team of 5. What now?

Write in to us. We will try to compile everyone who have problems forming teams.

I do not know how to use online prototyping tools? How?

There will be a HandsOn workshop provided on using, which is an online tool to create prototypes. The workshop will be announced very soon. Keep an eye out on the Polycon Facebook page for more information.

Wait! I have more questions!

You may contact us at [email protected] for further enquiries.

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Grand Prize


First Runner Up


Second Runner Up


Consolation Prize (4x)
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12 November 2016