What is KreativeCrew?

The recipe for great ideas come from the soul.

KreativeCrew is a creative crowd sourcing community platform.

Looking for the stage to give your ideas the attention it deserves? Stop the search. Our mission is to match your great ideas with like-minded souls!

The kicker is that we’ll get brands and other collaborators to pay you for your work!

How 1

What if I have something “munchable”?

First up, you need to pair your big idea with the right brief. Take a scroll through any number of our listed projects to get started. Stop when you find one that gets your wheels churning.

How 2

How do I fire it up?

Here’s the deal, brands and other talented folk like you will set up briefs on KreativeCrew. What happens next? The vibrant, global community of photographers, designers, illustrators, copywriters and videographers connected to KreativeCrew will create and submit their best work to suit your needs.

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